Monday, June 30, 2014

Golden Wyandotte korowai

While my white cloak is in at the exhibition for me to work on I have started another Arapaki to work on at home. This one uses feathers from the Wyandotte breed of chickens. They are a beautiful brown and black feather which I have enjoyed using. However I am running out of them so may have to use something else at the top. Maybe some white. 

The exhibition is going well and we have a lot of nominations for a school to receive a gift of a korowai. We have weaving group at Ocean View on this Saturday and then we will take down the exhibition on Monday or Tuesday. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ocean View Weavers Exhibition

At last we have our exhibition up and running. It goes for two weeks until June 5th at the Koru Gallery opposite the railway station in Dunedin. Our girls have all done well and the room looks good. Not only are there korowai to see but some to buy as well as rooster pelts for sale. There is also a competition for a school or preschool korowai. Nominate your school or preschool to receive a korowai as a gift by coming in to see the exhibition and putting the name in a box.

Judy's jute string korowai. Absolutely beautiful. 

This korowai is made of muka- hand stripped harekeke flax, by Robyn Ashton. A work of art still in progress. 

Lyann's jute string cloak.