Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Poi taaniko

I have been discovering poi taaniko. These are not something I've done before so I'm trying to nut it out.   I have made crochet balls before so I think the same increasing  process might work.

I have used 3 long strings to start. Cross them over each other and work one round of taaniko.

Then add three bent strings as below.   I found tying a knot around the last string in the round helps to identify the end of a round. There is one stitch between each addition.   Go from 6 stitches to twelve. Stitch one round adding in then one extra round

 The second add in of strings has two stitches between the additions. Go from 12 stitches to 18.

Each adding in round should be on top of the last addition and should increase by 6.
Keep a look out for that end of round knot.

I increased from 6 12,18,24 30,36,42 on one smaller poi and up to 70 on the bigger one.
The inside shows the increases on top of one another.

This poi started with six  strings tied together.  The tuft could be outside or inside.

Once all the additions are made just keep going round and round.  This is where I did the pattern. 

Then to complete the poi you decrease by dropping the strings and stuffing them inside in the same pattern as the increases were done. I needed to fudge this with a few extra plain rounds.

As I said, I am only just figuring this out.  So if you have any ideas and extra tips please add to this post.