Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finished at last

Well I have finished this korowai and am very pleased with it. It is 125cm  wide and110cm long. I will take it into the koru gallery in Dunedin today but am willing to sell it for $4,000 myself if anyone is interested. It is all pheasant feathers with homespun wool tags. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Big cloak

I have changed my mind again and decided on just mawhitiwhiti for the top of the big cloak I am working on. 

I much happier with it now. It is plain enough to not clash with the feathers 

Turning Row

One of my friend's from Whiri Aroha, Ellen, showed me another easy way of explaining the turning row.
Hold the first whenu up (here I am using a double whenu).

Then take the second one from it and twist the first one around the back of the second one. 
Tighten up and carry on. Twist the up one around the back of the next second whenu. 
This can be done as a neatening row for the top of a korowai or as an outline feature either side of mawhiwhiti panels or taniko panels. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

End of Year Weaving Day

Today was the last day for our weaving group for the year.  We had a great exhibition of all our work this year and I was so proud of all our ladies had achieved. It was amazing looking at their work and seeing their excitement at what they had done and to think this is their first year of weaving.  Everyone is so supportive. Sadly many of our ladies couldn't come for various reasons but those who did had a great lunch and went home with goodies. Here are some photos of their work. 

However on further discussion about my big cloak we decided that I should undo the taniko as it was too busy and just do a black and cream taniko like this one. 
So back to work Monday to get that finished next week. 

Thank you all my lovely ladies for a wonderful year. I really have appreciated you, your hard work and your input into my life. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big Korowai

I am working on the Taniko at the moment of my big cloak. It is looking good although the pegs holding the tags out of the way look funny. 

I hope to finish this next week so I can get the house ready for family.