Thursday, August 10, 2017


The Pukeko kakahu is coming on well. However I have used up the 15 pelts from feathergirl and it is only 73cm long, 11 cm of that is taaniko. I would like a few more rows of Pukeko but I'll see if I can cadge some from my friends. However it will soon be time to do the black and green for the top which will give more of a tui look to the cloak. There are feathers still on the pelts but they are too small for this project. As well as using the black from the Pukeko I supplemented them with three black rooster pelts from Lyann.

My other project was making an Arapaki cape from one rooster pelt.  It has turned out to measure 115 cm long by 22 cm deep.
So I think if you were doing a longer cloak you might need about 3 or 4 pelts depending on how clever you are at working a pattern with the feathers.

The first weekend in August was spent teaching korowai in Queenstown at Lake Hayes. It was lovely weather, views and people. But to keep me occupied at night I started another little one for the hospital. I have used the fluffy feathers from the bottom of a white and black pelt.