Sunday, September 21, 2014

Second Sunday Weaving at the museum.

What a wonderful afternoon I have had. Our second Sunday afternoon weaving saw some new faces and some from last time. Everyone seemed so enthusiastic. It was great to see what those who had been before had done or not and to start new folk off. Many thanks to my helpers without whom I would have been in a frenzy. Edna, Judy and Lyann thank you so very much for coming. It's great to see everyone working together to help each other learn.
 I also had the privilege of meeting whaea Anna and Margery Blackman.  So pleased to catch up with these ladies from whom I can learn more. 
Now I need to get on and make up some  more starter kits. Busy busy. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunday Korowai Weaving at the Otago Museum

This coming Sunday 21st September will be the second of our korowai weaving classes in the museum.  We will meet at 2pm in the foyer outside the Tangata Whenua room.  Please bring your starter kits or work in progress.  Anyone else interested in starting or joining the group would be very welcome. 
The next meeting at the museum will be 19th October but we have Saturday 4th October at Ocean View Coastal Community Church from 10am.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Angel korowai

Here are our first two korowai for the hospital for our little lost angels. The ladies at the group were interested in making some too. So if there are other maternity wings around the country who would like a small supply of small korowai as gifts for parents who have lost their children stillborn please let me know.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wedding white

At last I have finished my white korowai. All sewn in and ready for a wedding. 

I adapted the bottom taniko for the top so that the hearts were more prominent. 
I'll probably take it into the Koru Gallery in Dunedin for a while next week. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuesday group

People have been busy since last we met. Elaine has finished a big korowai for her family. 

Note the use of taniko top and not quite bottom. She has a few rows of feathers at the bottom and then a taniko before scattered ones throughout the cloak. The taniko pieces are the same but with colours reversed. A neat trick.  And the top taniko is outlined by turning rows. 

Now she has nearly finished a small piece using some coloured feathers which were given to the group. 
Such a pretty one. 

Judy has nearly finished a small piece using some budgie feathers and duck.  
She has used the two dollar string and has yet to sew in the ends of her aho.
And we had a new lady come who had been to the museum on our Sunday there. She has got up to the taniko so has done very well. A very warm welcome to Glenda. 
And I have nearly finished the penultimate row of my white korowai. It is very disappointing so I won't show you a photo till I have managed to fix it a bit. Still these things can teach us what not to do.