Friday, September 16, 2016


We have been away for a couple of weeks seeing family in Tauranga. Unfortunately I came down with a bad cold that really set me back with lack of energy and coughing. However the show must go on and six days later I took a beginner group for korowai weaving at the Tangatarua marae at the Rotorua Polytechnic campus. A big thank you to all the ladies for helping me cope and being such great learners. Thank you to Tangiwai Doctor for organising the weekend so well.  I was so impressed by the carving in the wharenui. It felt like we were sleeping in the forest, but with a warm floor. A great weekend.
On the way back through Wellington we stopped at the Dowse gallery to see the exhibition of Erenora Hetet's korowai and other creations. What an inspiration. Such fine, fine work. Made me want to have a try at fine weaving again instead of working with double threads. And her work in wire and paua was so interesting and freeing.
Now we are home again and back into the work I need to get done before we go away again. Next weekend I'll be at Gore for another beginner weekend before family arrive from Australia for my mother-in-laws 90th birthday.

Busy times