Friday, November 28, 2014

Oh dear

Oops I have discovered I am not going straight. 
As you may be able to see in this photo I am going down a little on the right hand side. About 2 cm out. This happens and only 'constant vigilance' as Mad Eye Moody says can stop it. So now I will adjust my rows over the next few rows to make it even again.  Using measuring tape to try and get rows even. 

I am also running out of these feathers so think the top rows of feathers might be more coloured peahen feathers. Not too many rows to go anyway. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


My latest work is growing slowly. 

I'm probably half way down the main body. While I think of it here is a picture of the row ending I am using. 

I whatu along to the end of the row and then turn it back and whatu back for about 8 stitches, then knot and cut. The feathers will cover it and the back is kept clean of knots. 
The feathers are quite big so the work grows quite well. 

I am listening to 'Lord of the Rings' audiobook as I work. It's great and quite compulsive so I always look forward to weaving times. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Something new

I have started something new. I got bored the other day so started sorting feathers and found a bag of big peahen feathers that were languishing in the cupboard. Then it was making feather bundles till my fingers were had it. So I thought I'd better start something. By the end of the day I had it underway. 

The next afternoon I did some more. 

And yesterday afternoon some more. 

The feathers are actually quite big so my rows are further apart than usual and the bundles are further apart too along the row. 
I am listening to a story as I go so I am always keen to get weaving so I can hear more of the story even though I almost know it by heart now as I have read or listened to it so many times over the years. 

Oh I forgot to write about the day at the museum where the ladies got to see some old cloaks in storage. I didn't go down as I was teaching but the others came back astounded by the craftsmanship of the old weavers and by the fineness of their work. Thanks to the folk at the museum for showing them around.  We had a few new ladies come and they are keen to come next year so that was good. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday 16 th Nov

This coming Sunday 16th Nov we will be meeting at the Otago museum for our last Sunday weaving class this year. We still have two Tuesdays and a Saturday at Ocean View though till we finish for this year.  On Sunday 2 pm we will be able to visit the store rooms to see some of the old cloaks. We will also carry on with our korowai and new people are welcome. Books and kits will be available. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Starter Kits

We have made up some starter kits which contain everything you need to make your own small korowai for a frame.  They contain a block, the string required, aho cotton, taniko cotton, soap, feathers and the book ' Making your First Small Korowai'.  We can also supply these kits without the book if you already have it.  The cost is $47 including postage within NZ or $27 including postage within NZ without the book.  They have become really useful for people starting out on their weaving journey.


Robyn Ashton

Congratulations to Robyn Ashton and her father for being honoured in this year's Coastal Otago Conservation Awards.  They have done so much over the years to turn Motorata Island at Taieri Mouth from a denuded rabbit infested, eroding island to a place where the vegetation is recovering, rata trees have been planted and the ground stabilised.
Martin Palmer and Robyn Ashton. Photo: Dan Hutchinson/The Star.
Robyn is one of our weavers and has made a beautiful korowai from muka. She wore this to the presentation of the awards.   We are all so proud of her.  Well done Robyn.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yesterday the Ocean View group brought along some of their years work to put up a small display to show the people of the church where we meet what we do. We are grateful for the hall being available to us so we thought this was the least we could do. The people were very pleased to see our display and glad we had made the effort. 

So thanks, ladies, your years work has been much admired and I am so proud of you and your things. Well done.