Monday, April 23, 2012

In the last couple of weeks I have started a few new projects.  Two small ones and a bigger one.  This first one is using up some short pieces of very thick string.  I decided to do it upside down i.e. from the top down so I have used black wool tags which are easy to get out of the way when I work under them.  I hope it will be a cloak for a doll.

 This next one I started as I needed a small project to do when I meet each week with the other two weavers from Taieri Mouth.  It was inspired by a pheasant pelt and is attempting to follow up the bird with the different patterned feathers.  I am using the fine thread from Brown's brush and using it single strand.  I like using this fine thread but usually use it double so this is new for me.  I have also done a mawhitiwhiti pattern on the bottom with a 'turned' row either side of it.  This was shown to me by one of the ladies from Papakura.  I like the look, it's very neat.  How I miss the inspiration of that group of women.
 On this bigger one I have again used the same bottom edging idea.  Also I have attempted to do the feathers in a zigzag pattern.  It looks more ziggy zaggy in the photo than when close up.  I keep going hoping it will be more obvious as I go on.  It was really a sampler for another full sized one I am planning with blue natural feathers from pheasant and pukeko - a sea theme, with wave taniko and fish mawhitiwhiti.  However this zigzag might be too tight and I may need to do it based on 5 lots of 5 strings instead of 3 lots of 5 like this one.  Meanwhile this one will be just a shoulder one - short length.  The only problem is that I need feather bundles for every row (even if the bundles are further apart than usual) so I think it will take longer to do the whole thing.
The two ladies I left down here to weave a few years ago have gone from strength to strength and have finished a few projects.  I saw the one Elaine made - a short adult korowai.  She has made such a good job of it with the back as lovely as the front.  Both ladies like weaving and have new things on the go.  Roll on thursday morning, our meeting time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This week I have got on with this korowai.  It is the first fully feathered one I have done for ages .  I kept running out of bundles and having to stop and do more.  Very frustrating when I was hoping to finish a row.  

Anyway it's finished now.  The top is a starry mawhitiwhiti pattern.  So the idea is that to reach the stars ( your dreams) you need to grow and learn.  The poutama pattern represents the stages of learning and to reach your dreams you need to learn new things which can happen any time in your life.  The use of both male and female pheasant feathers (meaning men and women can reach for their dreams) and the browns (to keep you grounded) all add to the story of the cloak.  

I hope to keep this for a few months to put into a display later this year but then it will be for sale.