Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Yesterday I took my cloak to show Margery Blackman the taniko she had inspired. It was loosely based on an old korowai she had seen in Stockholm. And thanks to her I am in the process of learning how to do the two directional taniko. Not that I have it yet. There is more practice required. A lot more. She was pleased with what I had achieved but showed me some of her samples which only whetted my appetite for trying more textural taniko next year. 
Then down to the museum to give them the gift. Migoto and Vicky were pleased with it. Not only will it be worn but can be used to dress a table on official occasions. So that is good that it can be used. Lyann came down to support me which was very kind of her. Thanks. 
I forgot to get a photo of us though. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It's done. I have enjoyed this one, learnt some new techniques, used up some feathers and made some people happy. What more could you want. I hope the museum folk can use it. I will hand it over tomorrow afternoon. 
Then I can relax for Christmas. 

Although I am now thinking about what to make next year. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learning new things

For the taniko on this cloak I am attempting something new for me. And that is multidirectional taniko. When the taniko stitch is done it usually has a forward diagonal slope like tapestry stitch. This means a slope going in a forward diagonal has a nice clean slope but a backward diagonal is stepped.   However Margary Blackman showed me pictures of an old korowai kept in Stockholm that has the stitch changing direction so that both forward and backward diagonal lines are clean lines. This is not actually hard to achieve BUT figuring out when to change direction has been very hard and I think there will be a good number of corrections made later. 

It all looks a bit rough at the moment but I hope will look better when finished. It had better as I want to finish this week. Early mornings and late nights. 
Anyway here is the finished feather but with the paper taniko design on it

So far so good. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Last Weaving Day 2014

At least it was the last day for the group. And a lovely day too. So great to see how happy and enthusiastic everyone is with weaving. We all enjoy meeting together even if the only thing that gets done is a cup of tea. 
Elaine brought the doll she is making for her sister. 

So spectacular in red and black. 

Lyann has got her black alpaca homespun korowai started and is doing her taniko on the bottom. 

The alpaca doesn't have the stretch of wool so hopefully will make an interesting and stable cloak. 
I have started a couple of rows in another of the peahens feather types to finish off. After a bit if discussion with the other girls I think I will do three rows of the round tips then one of blue-green, then a row of mawhitiwhiti each side of the taniko. 
After some discussion with the Otago Museum I will finish this for them as a cloak to wear on official occasions. 

Next year I think I will concentrate on tags and taniko rather than feathers although I have heaps of feathers to deal with. Its time to dispose with a good deal of my stash.