Sunday, May 28, 2017

Russell's is finished.

End of May and Russell's Kakahu is finished. The taaniko patterns are his family designs and looking good.

Now it's back to the Nursing school hihima. Looking forward to getting that done. It's so nice to not be using feathers for a change.

This coming Saturday is our June weaving day even though it is Queens birthday. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

 Last month Anna finished her little muka bag.  She makes beautiful muka getting lovely lengths of the harekeke fibre that she can weave beautifully.
Well done Anna.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mid May and two on the go.

The kakahu for Russell's mother is well under way. The taaniko is finished and the feathers are about halfway there. I am using the Brown Shaver chicken feathers and flicking them up to make a thick feel to the cloak. This does mean every row is a feather row so a lot of feather bundles are needed.

At the same time I have started a korowai hihima for the nursing school in Rotorua. A hihima is a cloak with tags the same colour as the whenu. This cloak had a very specific pattern required by my client to reflect the teaching programme. It has been very interesting to do. I am about a third of the way through.

I have another to start soon too, so it is busy every minute. This one has Pukeko feathers. I have seen a lot of Pukeko used and they always seem to look a bit odd,  not quite sitting beautifully. If anyone has advice as to the washing, bundling and use I would be very grateful. There are a lot of feathers needed. I have 15 pelts coming from feathergirl,  so I hope they are good ones.

These cloaks need to be finished by at least mid September so what am I sitting here writing this for? Back to work. Crack the whip and back to weaving.