Monday, March 21, 2011


This month I have been making arapaki (shoulder wraps) for Kura.  Two have gone down to the Kura shop in Wellington.  My friend from Whiri Aroha gave me the name arapaki for shoulder wraps.  It is great to find a maori name for these at last.  Here is the latest one.

Today though I will make Nannies - small maori ladies with sewn 'cloaks'.  They are very popular and I like making them.  I hope to sell some at a festival day on  the 9th April at the Papakura marae.  Good for a mother's day present.

I also need to finish this bag for a raffle for Whiri Aroha.  It just needs lining. It has duck feathers on it and whales tail mawhitiwhiti.  I did up to the taniko pattern on Friday but it took another day or two to finish the bag to lining stage.

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