Friday, August 19, 2011


I have been busy this month trying to organise some commissions for big Korowai but as soon as cost is mentioned people back off.  I know they are expensive to make as they entail hundreds of hours of work but people still expect to pay peanuts for them.  Oh well the joys of being a craftsperson.  However I was taught many years ago by a craft shop owner that to reduce the price reduces the value in peoples eyes as well so I just have to hold on till someone really wants an heirloom and will pay for it.  It will cost between $2,500 and $4,500 depending on what people want but in the shops you are looking at $8-9,000.  I really want to get started on a big korowai as its a few years now since I made a big one last and it's time I did.

One exciting thing that happened this week though was a bag of Canada goose feathers landed on my doorstep.  Thanks to the duck shooter who left them there - sorry I wasn't home to thank you personally.  I have spent a long time sorting through them into big and small feather piles, washing piles and rubbish piles.  And I have only sorted the very top of the bag.  I can't see any further down than the goose feathers but there maybe duck in the bottom.  The goose feathers are a pretty grey colour and quite curly.  I suspect when I come to use them they will need to be used every row instead of every second row if used curled but it would make a very luxurious korowai.  They are much like the swan and duck feathers and they had to be used this way like on this small korowai.

Anyway while I wait to make a big one I have been making other things like 3 half-size figures for displaying korowai and lots of bags for various people and for raffles to raise money for the group.

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