Monday, October 24, 2011

Well the family have come and gone and it was a delight to see them.  So I have only had a few weeks to do weaving since last post.  However my big korowai is nearly done I am up to the top part now and trying to decide what to do.  Here it is after about 80 hours.

The seagull wallhanging turned into a kite with rooster feathers because I didn't have any white feathers and took a fancy to the kite shape.  It was done in time for the family to see but never got put up on the wall so it will go to be displayed in Rangimaire at the Papakura marae.

Also I knitted while the family was around so I have two dolls to take to the group too.   They are quite cuddly.

Now I have to clear up all my bits and pieces, feathers, string etc because we are moving south again soon.  What a job.  How to sort out all those loose feathers, pack them and dispose of rubbish?  How much weaving will I do in the south where I don't have as big a support group and there will be lots of other things to do?  So many questions and decisions to make - I'd better get on with it.

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