Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last week I finished these two kindi samples trying out the new string from ICB.  The top korowai is done using the string singly and the second one uses the string doubled.  The pictures are not really out of focus .  The feathers were quite fluffy.  They all came from the one rooster pelt.  I think I like using the string double as it was so much less work than single and seemed to be a bit more sturdy.  However we shall see what the folk at Whiri Aroha, up in Papakura, think.  I believe they are using it singly.  My tension was about 24 strings per 10 cm doubled and 34/ 10cm single.  Both gave a good clean back so that doesn't help me decide.  I will need to adjust my taniko patterns though as doubled makes a wider stitch than single.  Easy on the computer.
The two colour background pattern was an idea a friend in Australia showed me on our trip earlier this year.  Her's was absolutely gorgeous in black, red and silver.  I didn't like to copy hers at all but really wanted to try out the idea.  These are destined for kindis where I had already made one similar for another kindi in the group.  

I am just about finished a shoulder cape made with pukeko and white chook feathers.  Just pulling through the cord ends to make a fringe.  Next I may start a big cloak using pheasant feathers or maybe a big white one using some lovely rooster pelts from Lyann.  Pictures next time.

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