Friday, December 6, 2013

End of Year Weaving Day

Today was the last day for our weaving group for the year.  We had a great exhibition of all our work this year and I was so proud of all our ladies had achieved. It was amazing looking at their work and seeing their excitement at what they had done and to think this is their first year of weaving.  Everyone is so supportive. Sadly many of our ladies couldn't come for various reasons but those who did had a great lunch and went home with goodies. Here are some photos of their work. 

However on further discussion about my big cloak we decided that I should undo the taniko as it was too busy and just do a black and cream taniko like this one. 
So back to work Monday to get that finished next week. 

Thank you all my lovely ladies for a wonderful year. I really have appreciated you, your hard work and your input into my life. 

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