Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuesday 18th

Lyann had done a lot on her cloak this fortnight. She is designing so well and is so enthusiastic. 

This child's korowai has been done on some string from Spotlight and uses black chook feathers and black and brown rooster neck feathers. It looks a bit like a volcano which should please her grandson. It is looking so good. We had a go at doing a taniko for her on her tablet. So hopefully next time we meet she may have started that. 
 Judy's one is coming on and she is nearly up to the top. 
Unfortunately my weaving just hasn't got off the ground yet. And I am so busy at home making things for grandchildren I don't know when I'll get any weaving done. 
But good news this week from Kura Gallery in Wellington that some of my korowai have been sold. And the books have been going well too. So all in all I am happy with weaving even if I haven't been working myself. 

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