Friday, July 18, 2014

New beginnings

I have been to see the Principal of the school which got the most nominations in our competition. We have decided a new korowai made especially for the school would be the best bet. He wants to keep it for a surprise hence I am not letting on here which school it is just in case. But it will involve quite a bit of work as I need to design a taniko and test it out as well as weave quite a big korowai full of feathers. 

The other exciting beginning is that we are starting classes at the Otago Museum in August. The first time will be on Sunday 17th 2pm to 5 pm.  Come and have a go. If you decide you want to learn I will have beginner boxes there at $35 which will include all you need to make your first small korowai including a book. There will be no additional costs. 
The funny thing is that at the museum that weekend will be a group of zombies. So watch out. We will be on the first floor in the Tangata Whenua area. Look up the Otago museum website for more info. 

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