Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuesday group

People have been busy since last we met. Elaine has finished a big korowai for her family. 

Note the use of taniko top and not quite bottom. She has a few rows of feathers at the bottom and then a taniko before scattered ones throughout the cloak. The taniko pieces are the same but with colours reversed. A neat trick.  And the top taniko is outlined by turning rows. 

Now she has nearly finished a small piece using some coloured feathers which were given to the group. 
Such a pretty one. 

Judy has nearly finished a small piece using some budgie feathers and duck.  
She has used the two dollar string and has yet to sew in the ends of her aho.
And we had a new lady come who had been to the museum on our Sunday there. She has got up to the taniko so has done very well. A very warm welcome to Glenda. 
And I have nearly finished the penultimate row of my white korowai. It is very disappointing so I won't show you a photo till I have managed to fix it a bit. Still these things can teach us what not to do.  

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