Friday, January 15, 2016

Brown jute kakahu

My last post on this cloak was Nov 10th,  and for the last couple of weeks I finally got back to it until this week. This week I got distracted as I finally thought of something to knit for my granddaughters birthdays. And in a day or so we set off for Auckland for a few weeks. I will be able to get string, dolls, brown chook feathers, and cottons so if anyone down south needs anything let me know by email. We are traveling by van so might have room for extra bolts of string etc. I will see if the warehouse has men dolls as I have had a request.

However back to the brown cloak.

I have put shaping into it as I really like that now. There are two areas on this one. Buttocks and shoulders, both different styles so I could try both out. There seems to be no definite one way so it is interesting trying to decide when to put it in. And I am impatient so it makes the cloak shorter, anyway it's big enough. I have decided the best way of thinking about them is that you are putting in a bulge. Which is why they don't lie flat but they are snug when put on a person. 

There are a couple of rows of tags at the top, with a row of longer feathers and then the fancy double pair twining like near the bottom. Am considering doing a couple of rows of Mawhitiwhiti before the turn, probably to put a tie through. 

I have also packed up several of my kakahu to go north. I've been rolling them in sheet around a stuffed core. Seems to work wellas the feathers are all kept neatly down, though I don't know what to do if I had flicked up feathers. 

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