Sunday, August 28, 2016

Busy times

Well its been a busy year and my head is spinning with all the things to be done this second half. I've got three projects on the go and enjoying each one.
Firstly the school korowai is coming along nicely. But it's at that middle stage where it seems so slow and the rows drag. This is where I have to dig in to my reserves of perseverance and patience.

Next is a commission which I am excited about, but then I've only just started the feather rows. At least this one has a pattern in the feathers and isn't so big. I am enjoying working with the pheasant feathers again. They are so beautiful and sit nicely.

Thirdly I'm doing a secret extra for the school principal. I'm off on a road trip which includes a teaching weekend in Rotorua so I will take it with me and hope to get something done on it in the evenings.  I know, I know,  fat chance but it can serve as an example while I'm there anyway. 

Then, of course, there is the preparation of all those starter kits etc that I make up for all you lovely new weavers to buy. It has been a very busy year for these as well as teaching weekends. I've just had a Tips and Techniques class at Winton this weekend. It was a lovely day but very busy and concentrated. I seem to be away almost every other weekend. So glad my family copes so well without me.

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