Monday, October 10, 2016

What a mistaka to makea

Sometimes we make mistakes.

But that is just an opportunity to try methods of fixing them. This week I realized my jute cloak was going to be too small. This was really due to the mawhitiwhiti drawing the cloak in more than I anticipated.

I made the decision to put more strings on the end, redo the end of the taaniko on the bottom/top and lengthen all the taaniko threads and aho cottons. Meanwhile I didn't have any of that batch of bleached jute left over so would have to bleach some more till I got a similar colour. Easier said than done.

Of course I couldn't wait till I actually had the right colour jute but immediately set about undoing and redoing while the jute bleached. Four or five bundles later I think I've got a similar colour. It would be easier if it was covered in feathers but this has only tags and mawhitiwhiti. I'll see tomorrow if I need to keep trying.  
Anyway I continued down the cloak going 3/4 of the way across the rows. Hopefully it will be OK. I should of waited but. ....

Some people will never learn!  In this photo all the tags are drooping the wrong way as it is hanging bottom up. 
But it does show some lessons I need to take to heart. 
1. Measure, make allowances for mawhitiwhiti width-ways as well as length-ways
2. Make sure you have enough materials should something go wrong. 
3. Keep a record of the things made,  so they can be referred to later if using the same materials. 
4. Wait till you can do things in the right order instead of jumping in. 

Oh dear, never mind. Next time I'll do better. 

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