Saturday, March 4, 2017

Melanie's unveiling cloak

Two weeks work.
Designing, getting the string ready,  cutting and casting on took a week. Then the taaniko - 33 rows took another week.  This cloak will be 90cm wide by 75cm long.

After the taaniko I will do a turning row to balance the first turning row and to allow me to add more whenu as the kaupapa of the cloak (the body of the cloak) will be mawhitiwhiti.  This always draws in the sides so I'm adding more strings to try and keep it square. At the top there will be a few rows of pheasant feathers and a small taaniko. 

I've just seen a wee black fantail out the window. Looking for spiders I expect. There are lots of spider webs on the deck. Don't get much time for housework as you can imagine from the above paragraphs. I'm feeding the birds! 

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