Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another mokopuna korowai

I enjoyed making the last korowai even though the deadline was so tight that I started another one for the group.  But before that I made these two bags for a raffle and these knitted dinosaurs for my Aussie granddaughter.

Then over two weeks I made this korowai from one rooster pelt.  No taniko made it a lot quicker and I fringed both bottom and top.  I also tried a bit of shaping in it to see how that would work.
One rooster pelt made all the feathers I needed for the mokopuna  korowai - just.

And now I am making a third one for a raffle at the marae next week.  I am making it a similar pattern and again won't have any taniko work as that takes too long for this tight schedule. It is made from pheasant feathers.  Three in a month or so.  I must be mad.

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