Friday, May 27, 2011

A third mokopuna korowai

And now a  third Korowai I have made in 5 weeks.  This one is for an auction at a fundraising breakfast for held on the 26th May at the Papakura Marae.  It raised $245. I also made a bag which raised $45.  So that was a good weeks work. Now I will make some more nannies and do some more knitting for a rest. I am having a problem putting in the photos so will try again later.  I have been doing all the same style because this uses less feather bundles so is quicker to make and the pattern is easy so I don't have to spend much time designing.  And for rush jobs that is all good.  But I hope I can do something different now.  I am always looking for things to make for others.
Good news this week is that the really good mop string may now be available again so I hope to get some soon.

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