Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone.

The final thing for 2011 has at last had all strings woven in and is ready for collection.  It is made from very thick cotton cord given to me by our tutor.  She wanted a very plain korowai without feathers.  At first I was itching to do more with it but agreed for it to be plain.  It has the widest Taniko panel at the bottom I have ever done and a whales tail mawhitiwhiti panel up the sides and across the top.  Now that it's finished, despite my husband thinking it's boring, I really like it.  It looks even better worn.  I thought at first it was going to be too wide but somehow they never work out that way.  It is quite long ( reaches from my shoulders to ankles) but would be great for a person a bit taller than me.  I learnt that I must be more careful about thicknesses of aho thread as it does go in a bit after the taniko however as that is at the bottom it is not too much of a problem.  So here it is.

Now it is two weeks till we shift to Dunedin.  I do hope I can find a weaving group down there.

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