Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taieri Mouth here we come

At last everything is packed and gone and we will too on Wednesday.  After a few weeks sorting myself out and finding things I will be back to work weaving. Meantime we have had time to look into my blog.  I have just discovered many e-mails that I hadn't been receiving and have tried to make the comments easier to make.  I am so sorry to those who have wondered why I haven't replied to their e-mail or have found it too difficult to comment.  Hopefully things will be right soon, as I get the bugs out. So please e-mail either contact and I look forward to comments and suggestions.  The one thing I will miss in Dunedin will be the wonderful group, Whiri Aroha, up here in Papakura from whom I have gathered so much inspiration and ideas.  Please don't leave me out girls and boys, send me your photos to continue to inspire me.

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