Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another month has gone by and I have still not finished my big cloak.  I have got up to the last feather row and am stuck on which sort of feathers to do on the top.  We also need to decide on colours for the taniko.  My clients have decided on a taniko pattern so perhaps his week I can sort out my outstanding problems and get back to it next week.  In the meantime I have started a kindi korowai.

This picture shows the working way. It is upside down to how the finished article will be.  It is going to a Paraparaumu kindi.

 Yesterday it snowed right down to the beach.  There are patches of ice around today but the sun is out so it will be all gone soon.

Have finished some Koro and Nannies too.  Will send some to my friends at Papakura.  

Classes are going well.  Last month there were four new girls and ten came on the Saturday.  I have also sold a few books overseas as well as NZ.  One girl from Sydney is doing well with her korowai learnt entirely from my book so it must be understandable.  Very happy with it.  My Mum has taken the baton and made a book of her own on some quilting techniques.  Not bad for 86.  Took a lot of brainpower and was so exhausting she slept well.  But she has made a creditable booklet.