Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last week I finished this black string korowai.  I only had a little string and horrible stiff feathers I wanted to use up.  The feathers were so bad I had to not bend them up to secure them but keep them straight and do two rows over the shafts.  Because I felt they might fall out I had a very tight tension which means the whole thing was pulled in and became much shorted than I had hoped.  However I hope it will be ok as a man's korowai for a skinny man.  I am interested in the different ways these short korowai could be worn especially by a man.  Because I had little string left I had to do a different top than I usually do.  It is a sort of plait across the top crossed with a turning row.  I haven't made a closure on it yet but was thinking a piece of leather would be good.  I had dreamed of a shark's tooth or piece of bone but the thing isn't wide enough for that.

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