Sunday, April 20, 2014


Yesterday I had a sinking feeling as I realised my star was going to look flattened and decided that I had to fix it. Near enough is not good enough at this stage. So this morning I went to work on the computer again. Firstly I measured how many stitches and rows I was doing per cm. I counted these over 20 cm widthways and I only had 3 cm height ways. (This should have been done on a trial bit like a tension square in knitting as I was using different yarn and string from the last time I used this pattern.)  Then I calculated how many cm per stitch. This worked out at 0.25 cm per row height and 0.51cm per column width. Now I could enter these into the row height and column width of my spreadsheet. And this is what my star would have looked like if I had carried on. 

So now I added rows and adjusted the star so it looked better. 

I only have to undo two rows of work to fix the problem. I am glad to have fixed this and at the same time I have fixed the end where I had to adjust the pattern on my spreadsheet from a 260 string pattern to the 250 strings I actually had. I had already adjusted for this on my paper pattern by cutting and sellotaping. 
Now I am ready to take out the last two rows. And try to do this without cutting yarn in other rows. Then I am back on track. The taniko will be a bit deeper than it was but that is good as I wanted a deep taniko at the bottom. 

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