Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learning new things

For the taniko on this cloak I am attempting something new for me. And that is multidirectional taniko. When the taniko stitch is done it usually has a forward diagonal slope like tapestry stitch. This means a slope going in a forward diagonal has a nice clean slope but a backward diagonal is stepped.   However Margary Blackman showed me pictures of an old korowai kept in Stockholm that has the stitch changing direction so that both forward and backward diagonal lines are clean lines. This is not actually hard to achieve BUT figuring out when to change direction has been very hard and I think there will be a good number of corrections made later. 

It all looks a bit rough at the moment but I hope will look better when finished. It had better as I want to finish this week. Early mornings and late nights. 
Anyway here is the finished feather but with the paper taniko design on it

So far so good. 

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