Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big museum cloak

Last week I stated a new big cloak for a friend at the Museum.  It is huge. But I have been fooled other times by thinking something was big but it ended up smaller than I would have liked. However this time I think I have overdone it.   It is about 140 cm wide with about 800 thin whenu. I cast them on double but am working the taaniko in fine thread on single whenu. 800 makes a long row.  I think I'll do a mawhitiwhiti pattern up the side so if necessary I can fold it under so is not too wide.

It took 2 full days to draw up the taaniko pattern on the computer.  It is very deep and loosely inspired by one on display at the Museum.

The first row, as per normal, took a long time.  But now as the pattern is starting to emerge it is going a little quicker.  I find I can usually only manage a row at one sitting (or standing as I usually am) before I need to give my body a rest.

I hope to have the taaniko done in a month but already I have had a three day holiday and a off day today. But when I start the feathers I hope I will get along quicker.

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