Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday weaving at Ocean View

This Saturday we had the pleasure of the company of four ladies from Invercargill. Our own numbers were lower today so the extras were very welcome and now they are part of us. It is so good to get together to see what everyone is doing as it stimulates ideas and interest. 
Elaine, as usual was busy on a new cloak getting bigger all the time. 

Jacquie had finished her first and had started a jute string one with a very nicely done taaniko. She had a Pukeko pelt to start the feather rows. 

Sharne started an interesting piece for her son using harekeke rolls and bleached jute string.  She also is organising a Saturday workshop with me in Invercargill at the end of August.

Donna and Paula are on to their second using the feathers flicking up or 'floating'. They have really improved and are planning their next weaving adventures. 

Jasmine continued with her first piece, I made a 34 whenu small starter piece to show the people at Alexandra next weekend and Lyann finished a row on her big taaniko.

So, all in all a good days work. Well done everyone. I am looking forward to seeing what you have done next month. 

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