Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday weaving September

A quiet day on Saturday with just the five of us. But it was a great day for working and getting things done.  Glenda has finished her white and pink baby cloak for a friend. This was only her third piece and you can see the improvement. On Saturday she cut the whenu for her first bigger cloak and started to cast on. This first row takes ages but persevere, Glenda, and soon you'll be on to the taaniko. She has designed her own taaniko which takes into account her European heritage and name.

 Elaine told us her daughter cried when she was given her cloak, she was so touched.

Some weren't there because of this wretched flu that is going round and we wish them good health.

And I have finally got started on the feathers for my cloak. Early days yet but I think it will work well. Remember this is the bottom of the cloak and the feathers will be flicked up to make a thick feel. It does require feathers every row but because of the size of them there is only 36 bundles per row.

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