Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Museum cloak 2 more weeks go by

Time seems to be flying. Two more weeks have gone by since the last post. Not that I have done that much weaving what with both my mother's and mother-in-law's birthdays (88, 89), my mother's and later my sister-in-laws visit. Still I try to get some done whenever I can. So here I am now

I have got into my usual trouble - running out of feathers for my design. Not to worry, I'll just change the design.  I will now have to carry on using all the feathers I can get from the birds both dark and light then perhaps a few tips of kereru. I have to find out if the Museum needs  a special permit from DoC to hold this cloak or whether it's covered in permits they already have. 

This Saturday is our weaving day at Ocean View.  I have received the Kereru from DoC so perhaps we will look at pelting them there. 

This month I am working with southern REAP teaching, hopefully, at Gore. We will see where this leads next year. This is getting exciting seeing so many people getting interested in korowai weaving. 

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