Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weaving starts again

We had a nice day on Saturday with the usual crew coming out.   Nobody had done much over the holidays so it was all about getting started again. Although Glenda had made a very nice piece as practice.

It is made using the natural jute and a selection of feathers. She has made a lovely job of it. 

I am back into teaching mode again with various courses coming up around the country. I have had enquiries about Christchurch and am penciling in the last weekend in April for a beginner course. So anyone in Christchurch or surrounds that wants to do a korowai beginner course or just to sit in to do your weaving and get any questions asked,  please email me.   I can take 12 beginners plus others already weaving who can help if necessary. I will be looking for a venue. 

The other courses will be detailed on my page 'Classes coming up'.

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