Monday, February 15, 2016

Alexandra Beginner Course

Twenty one beginners.  Sounded daunting. However I had two very capable helpers. They had not only done a wonderful job of organising the weekend, the participants,  funding, and venue but came as helpers to lift the load. It made the weekend go very smoothly. Thank you Pauline and Tania.
We had some young girls and a young man who joined in enthusiastically. By Sunday afternoon people had finished their pieces and we're ready to go home happy,  their brains buzzing with ideas.

The feedback I got was helpful and I can see two ways to improve the course, so thank you for those helpful suggestions.
The next beginner course will be in May but it is already full.  I also hope to do a 'Tips and Techniques' course later in the year. 

I hope people can say ' A great time was had by all. ' I certainly appreciated meeting new people and passing on what I know. 

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