Thursday, May 26, 2016

Taaniko designing

Just doing a spot of taaniko design for the kura kaupapa korowai. I just use a spreadsheet where I can adjust the sizes of the rows and columns to reflect my tension.

It takes ages and there isn't a quick way of changing colours. But at least it's adjustable and not just squares like graph paper. There's got to be a better programme. Does anyone know of one? It needs to have adjustable rows and columns sizes,  easy fill colouring, and preferably some way of changing the colors with the press of one or two buttons. I would also like to be able to mirror and flip groups of colored 'squares'. I do hope someone out there has a solution. 


  1. Would this type of app help? Not sure about the height/width change though.

    I think your weaving is beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the link. I couldn't see about changing the cell size either but it is worth investigating. Thanks for your kind encouragement.

  2. Hi Robin, How are you currently filling in the colours on the spreadsheet? You can select cells and then hit the fill bucket which will fill all the squares you selected. To adjust the columns and rows quicker you again select all the rows you want and type in the desired size. Same with the columns.

  3. Yes that's how I am doing it. Unfortunately it still takes ages when you are working with 360 cells wide for half the taaniko pattern. My computer objects to so much info.