Sunday, October 27, 2019

2018 was a very busy year.  Lots of kakahu got made and lots of things were learned and used.

A peacock arapaki made early in the year.

A small arapaki in which I learned how to do the taaniko within the cloak.  I used this technique on Paula's cloak.  Much of my learning is trial and error which is why I often do a trial piece first before something important.

 This arapaki was an extension of a small cloak I had made years ago. The extension process helped me with the Hargest cloak. Unfortunately I haven't got a finished photo of this one.

Paula's cloak.

Bill's pukeko cloak finished in August

The Hargest Cloak

In August I tore a tendon in my right shoulder but this wasn't diagnosed till the end of the year.  It wasn't till 2019 that surgery was decided upon and booked in for the end of May.  Meantime I had a little time to finish a few orders.

Another Peacock cloak

Harriet's cloak.  This was great fun because Harriet and I had a real collaboration on this.  We had some professional photos taken.

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