Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Current projects

I have two projects underway at the moment.  One I started ages ago but am waiting on some white feathers which I will get next monday at Whiri Aroha - our weaving group at the Papakura marae. It has duck feathers mostly.  I am thinking of two rows of white feathers then a last row of light grey duck feathers before a black, brown and cream taniko.  It will be a short cape with an opening down the front.

 The other project I started last week and is also a short cape but without an opening - you pop it over your head.  It may be slightly awkward to get into and out of but I think it looks better when wearing it.  I have come to a halt because I think I would again like to use white feathers - fluffy if possible before the blue peacock feathers.  The black ones are long black dyed bought feathers. Just wondering whether I should carry on the blocks or do the white and peacock feathers right across the rows.  Anyone got an opinion or suggestion?

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