Friday, March 30, 2012

The picture of Taieri Mouth in the last blog is of course in the evening not the morning.

This is a picture of the morning. Such lovely sunrises.
 And here is a picture during a hailstorm. In MARCH.  The hail stayed around in the cooler parts around the house for the next day.  Amazing.  But we have had beautiful weather lately.

We have been very busy around the place, so not a whole lot of weaving has been done.  However I did try to do something about an arapaki I had started a while ago.  After a bit I have put it aside again.  It is not as wide as I would like and I have toyed with adding a couple of extra bits to the sides.

So I have started another one from scratch.  It will be from the left over bits of the big plain one I did in December.  I have started doing a potama pattern in various pheasant feathers.  It's ages since I have done a korowai in just feathers so it's a bit of a trial having to do so many feather bundles.  Still good practise. 

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