Friday, April 12, 2013

Marena Wedding Arapaki

Finally I have finished my white shoulder korowai.  I hope this will be used as a bridal arapaki sometime. It is for sale for $850.   I enjoyed working out the heart taniko design and the mawhitiwhiti heart design.  The gold and silver sparkly threads in the taniko worked really well.

I am carrying on with my big cloak too and am getting up to the taniko soon so will need to work out something to suit my clients.  Also have a few small things on the go.  The group that was coming couldn't come in the end so I am not in such a rush and can concentrate on the big one a bit more.  The middle slog has nearly finished so it's getting exciting again.


  1. gorgeous where do you get your feathers from

  2. Kia Ora, can you email me your contact.details please, I'm interested in getting some taniko done.

    Kia Or a.

    1. Hi Emily. My email is