Monday, April 1, 2013

There is a group coming to see my work in two weeks time so I am hurrying to get some things made for them to see.  One of the things is a wedding korowai - a short cape.  For this I have used fluffy feathers gathered from the local bird park and gold and silver thread in the taniko.  This was the first time I tried these threads and I like the effect.  Here it is on my frame, upside down of course.

Next is a photo of the taniko up the right way.  You can see I have designed the taniko as hearts for the wedding theme.
The mawhitiwhiti on the back will also be hearts. Again this is the first time I have done this.

I am using the dark fluffy feathers I have gathered along with black tipped white fluffs to make a bag.  I have just started this and need to get the feathers out of my sister-in-law's freezer to carry on.  Hopefully that will deal to any bugs that might have survived the washing process.
Having got some feathers from Feathergirl and found them only so-so, I made two small pieces to see if they will be any good for those learning to weave.  And the answer is - maybe.  I will see on next Saturday when I expect to see a few more new weavers at our next gathering.

 A long time ago I started making a triangular piece and have decided to explore that shape.  Thinking about it kept me awake - botheration.  These are the starts.  We'll see what happens.

Back to work.

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