Monday, October 20, 2014

Ocean View Group

Had a lovely morning with the girls. Elaine has finished another wee korowai for the hospital. 

Such a pretty one. Now she has started on a small Paradise duck feather one for family. 

What a lovely contrast with the brown feathers and the white. Clever girl. 
Several others of us are working on more small ones for the hospital and Lyann has started her big black homespun one. One thing I can see from hers is that it is difficult estimating how many whenu to start with if you haven't done a practice piece with the particular yarn you are using. Because hers is a chunky uneven thickness we aren't sure of the tension further down the korowai and so of the number of whenu to start with. I tend to get tighter as I go up so I always over estimate the number I need. It is going to be hard work with the black anyway.  Good luck Lyann. 

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