Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday weaving again

Just a small number this week enjoyed our afternoon of weaving. But it was a glorious spring day so I can see people would have lots to do outside. Our ladies have got on very well with their mahi and one is on to her mawhitiwhiti on the back. Well done. Lyann had dyed some feathers with red food colouring and some wool. It looked great but it did stain our fingers a little when we soaped some bundles. 
I have finished the korowai for the hospital kite basket for photographing new babies. 

I photographed it on a large piece of pounamu at the museum.   I hope they like it. It has been made from the fluffy feathers from a pheasant. We will have to arrange a day to pass over any small korowai we have got ready before Christmas. 
Our next weaving morning is on Tuesday 21st October at 9am, then Saturday 1st November at 10am both at Ocean View. The next Sunday weaving day will be Sunday 16th Nov at the museum at 2pm. We hope to arrange with the museum to see their special korowai stored where the public don't normally see. This will be very special so mark it on your calendar. It will also be our last Sunday weaving day for the year but I am assured we will be able to continue meeting at the museum next year. 

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