Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday 6th Sept

A friend from Tapanui travelled a few hours to see us today and showed her finished first project. Well done. 
She collected some string and feathers and we all talked ideas for her next big project. So much fun thinking of what can be done. 
Lyann brought her two korowai to show too and her blue pelt. 

It has been dyed with food colouring and fixed with vinegar. It will be interesting to try out the feathers. We were thinking of doing them on white  whenu. Should be really nice for our angel korowai. Speaking of which I have finished another. 

Judy has also finished a piece for a frame using her moulted budgie feathers and small duck feathers. 
She has done some really interesting contrast features with the yellow wool. 
Our ladies are striking out now from the norm doing quite different and exciting things. Moving from garments to art. 
We are so glad for all those that come as we all learn so much from each other. Even if we don't accomplish very much on our morning we are always inspired by each other and go home full of ideas. 

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