Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elaine's finished korowai

It was great catching up with all the tuesday group last week and seeing the impressive korowai that Elaine has made for her daughter and a framed piece to sell at a pink ribbon day auction. She had been busy while I have been away.

We had a morning of catching up with some of the things I had learnt on my trip and general catchup.   I cut the thick new string from ICB for a school cloak. I have 130 whenu plus two for edging and it is nearly 1 Metre wide.  Now I have been working away steadily bundling the cheap brown hen feathers and weaving them in.  I have found that sometimes I am only having two whenu between feathers and sometimes three. Having decided to put them in flicking upwards I found I had to do a feather row every row which means a lot more work but should result in a lovely thick cloak.  I haven't done this for a long time but it was lovely to see one done like this while away and I wanted to try it again. I have also done the multidirectional taaniko which taught me a bit about design and what was not a good idea.  I am using some techniques from Diggeress' s book 'Weaving a kakahu' like her lengthening of aho threads should they be too short.

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