Friday, October 16, 2015


Today I finally finished my big cloak.  I have had another week away with my mother, so that had put back my finishing date again. We had a lovely two days away at the Hermitage hotel up at Aoraki Mt Cook. Living the high life, and thoroughly enjoying it.

However it was back to work this week and now it's done.  The last few feather rows are made with Tui feathers. I was surprised at how good these were and so very soft. For a small bird there were a  surprisingly good number of usable feathers.

I am very happy with it, but hope it is acceptable.  The shaping has made it a good fit, but I need someone big to try it on.  Looking forward to handing it over in November.

Now I need to make a few small things to have ready for Christmas sales like little Kuia and Koro,  books and starter kits. These are great as Christmas gifts and people may want them soon so I had better have them ready.  

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