Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our last Saturday for the year

Thursday I took the big albatross korowai in to give to the Otago museum director.  There were very kind words said about it and I think everyone was happy with the gift.  As usual I forgot to get a photo of him in the cloak,  but I hope it will be worn at the opening of the Haakui exhibition in a few weeks so hope to remember then. I was gifted a beautiful book for which I am very grateful and some tickets to the butterfly house at the museum which will come in handy with family.

We had a lovely day on Saturday to finish our Saturday weaving for the year.  There were four up from Invercargill,  which is very encouraging for us.   Robyn Ashton brought some harekeke and there was a lot of discussion and practice in making muka.  We had a lovely shared lunch.  There was also a lot of mutual sharing of information and we all learned something. I found another decorative feature to have a go at in one of the books.  I look forward to using it on a cloak soon.
There are a few more Tuesdays and one more Sunday afternoon at the Museum next weekend.

On the first Saturday in December we will be at Balclutha with a stall in the craft market to let people know about weaving and encourage interest.

Next year is shaping up to be busy with teaching opportunities.  Easter looks like a beginners group up at Napier and there will be six or seven weekends in Southland towns. Our family hopes to do a bit more travelling overseas next year as well so if there are small groups around who want to learn to weave korowai get in touch as soon as possible so we can book dates.

I have started another big cloak using bleached jute string with brown and cream feathers from Lyann's rooster pelts.  Also the Arapaki for the Masterton museum is coming along although I have run out of kereru feathers.  I have applied to DoC for some more so hopefully I'll be able to finish that before traveling up to Auckland in January.  Lots of ideas for new skills, decorations and ideas have been keeping me awake at night.  On the brown/cream one of like to try vertical side taaniko panels if I can figure out how to add them and deal with the leftover whenu ends. Anyone got the answer? I'm not wanting to do the taaniko as I go but to do it sideways and add  it later.

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