Thursday, November 26, 2015


I've just started doing a commission for a lady in Perth. I am amazed at how quickly it is coming together. Two days were spent on feathers and now two days on weaving and I'm a third of the way there. It's an Arapaki so only 30 cm deep.

The pheasant feathers, especially the blue tips look lovely. 

I'm listening to Philippa Gregory's book 'The Kingmaker's Daughter' while I'm weaving to help me concentrate.  May seem odd but it keeps me going and not wandering off to do something else, like housework or the garden.  Although today I did have to go into Dunedin to get the groceries. And I relax at night by crocheting or knitting. 


  1. Looks pretty good. I wish you would translate alongside some of the Māori words!!!!

    1. Sorry. An arapaki is a short shoulder cape.